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Customers Speak

I recently used an innovative payment platform from Vision Insurance called VisionPay that made it so easy and convenient for all of us who want to buy or renew a policy at the comfort of our home or office. VisionPay sent me a tiny URL, I clicked and found all details of my policy in a single screen so I was clear what I was paying for and how much, then I had to just input my debit/credit card and it was done. The entire process took less than 2 minutes avoiding me to go to a branch and wait in the queue and that would have taken at least 30 minutes. Well done Vision Insurance.

Sunil Gupta

Taghleef Industries S.A.O.C.

We are with Vision Inssurance since 9 years and are very much satisfied with the commendable Service. The team is very professional, and customer service and satisfaction is always their priority.

Mr. Gautam Parakh

Financial Controller, RENARDET SA & Partners

Proud to be associated with Vision Insurance who have got an excellent team, Instant service and good follow up to retain the customers confidence. Many congratulations and keep it up.

Mr. Kalyanasundararajan

Financial Manager, National Drilling & Services Co. L.L.C

Excellent services, Great support and prompt intimation/response. Hence I can confirm that Vision Insurance corporate team under Mr. Ganesh Rao is providing great services to us. Keep it up!!!

Mr. Ravi. K.G.

Finance Manager, FOS Energy L.L.C.

We are totally satisfied with the excellent services of Vision Insurance.

Mr. Syed Kamran Waheed

Finance Manager, AAW & Partners L.L.C.

We have more than 8 years relationship with Vision Insurance. We are getting good services from Vision Insurance, we are also very happy to work with this company for availing all insurance documents/needs. We are 100% satisfied with this company.

Mr.Aaref bin Saleh al-Jaafari

Chief Executive Officer, Amlaak A'Sharqyya L.L.C.

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