Business Interruption


The loss/damages resulting from fire or other allied perils besides bringing physical loss /damage may result in loss of gross profit and incurring standing charges.

These Expenses such as bank interests, employee’s salaries, rent, electricity and other standing charges will continue to be incurred despite of the loss of revenue. Such financial losses suffered due to loss of gross profits on account of reduction in turnover and standing charges incurred during the period of interruption due to an insured peril are compensated under this insurance.

Perils Covered

The Business Interruption policy is issued in conjunction with Fire policy. Financial loss must be attributable to perils covered under Fire and Allied Perils Policy or Property All Risk Insurance Policy.


  • Exclusions of Fire and Allied Perils.
  • Exclusions of Property All Risk.

Underwriting Information Required

  • Proposer’s Name and Address
  • Profile of Business
  • Description of property insured
  • Latest audited financial statements with auditors’ report
  • Intruption period to be covered
  • Amount to be insured, that is net Profit and standing charges with listing of such charges.
  • Please refer our Proposal Form


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