General Third Party Liability

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General Third Party Liability


General Third Party Liability: Any company or individual will be liable to make good the losses or damages caused by any act in connection with the business operation. Such liability can arise from any of the following:
  • By Common Law/Sharia Law — i.e. any liability arising out of negligence
  • By Statute — i.e. liability arising out of a provision in a law (e.g. liability of the employer towards his employees under the Labour Law)
  • By Contract — i.e. liability arising out of failure or inadequate performance as per the contract reached between two parties

Scope of Cover

Compensation in respect of legal liability towards accidental Third Party Property Damage and/or Third Party Death/Bodily Injury; and Legal Defense costs and expenses


  • Food & Drinks Extension – covers liability arising out of any inadvertent adulteration in the food or drinks offered to your guests in your premises
  • Tenant’s Liability Extension – covers liability towards your landlord for any accidental damage caused due to your negligence to the rented property occupied by you.
  • Landlord’s Liability Extension – covers liability towards your tenants for any accidental damage caused due to your negligence, if you are the landlord

General Exclusions

  • Professional liability
  • Pure financial losses
  • Property in care, custody and control
  • Property worked upon, contract works and material
  • Fines, penalties and exemplary damages
  • Aircraft liability
  • Product liability
  • War, political risk, sabotage and terrorism
  • Workmen compensation
  • Willful act/negligence of Insured/representative
  • Asbestosis & silicosis


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