Marine & Aviation Insurance

With the rapid expansion and development in the international and domestic trade, cargo movements are becoming increasingly complex. This requires specialists in the field of marine cargo insurance and Vision Insurance can help you develop a complete range of products to meet the individual needs of the sophisticated cargo owner.

  • This policy covers goods, freight and other interests against loss or damage to goods whilst being transported by rail, road, sea and/or air.
  • Different policies are available depending on the type of coverage required ranging from an "All Risks" cover to a restricted "Fire Risk Only" cover.
  • This policy is freely assignable and is basically an agreed value policy.

Scope of Cover

Transportation of goods can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Inland Transport
  • Import
  • Export

The coverage provided varies based on the type of cargo being carried. Vision provides insurance solutions for all kinds of commodities, including steel products, bulk cargoes, bulk oil cargoes and containerized products. We offer a full range of insurance alternatives for the transportation by sea, air, post and land of any cargo from one place to another.


Inland transit policies can be extended to cover the following perils on payment of additional premium:

  • SRCC — Strike, riot and civil commotion (including terrorist act)
  • FOB — Where the inland transit is required to be extended to cover the goods till they are loaded on board the vessel, this extension can be taken

Export /import policies can be extended to cover war and/or SRCC perils on payment of an additional premium.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is the agreed value which in most cases will be CIF and/or C&F plus 10% or FOB plus 10 to 20%. The factors taken into account for charging premium depend on nature and type of cargo, method of packing, mode of shipment, age and type of vessel and the ports used.



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