Yachts & Boats


Yachts & Boats insurance offers coverage for Hull & Machinery, Collision and Legal Liabilities.

Hull & Machinery Insurance covers Limited or Comprehensive Insurance for loss or damage to vessel against loss or physical damage. Coverage extends to all equipment that is mounted on the boat or used to operate it safely. Such equipment includes horns, lights, dinghies, boat & motor covers, signalling devices, depth finders, ship to shore radios, and boat furniture. Most policies also extend coverage to trailers that are designed for and used to transport the boat.

Scope of Cover

Section A

Covers loss of or damage to the craft and insured property directly caused by external accidental means, including but not limited to:

  • Stress of weather, stranding, sinking, collision, fire, self-ignition or lightning, theft of the insured vessel or outboard motor, malicious acts.
  • Loss or damage to outboard motors caused by dropping off or falling overboard.
  • Salvage charges incurred in preventing a loss by insured perils.

Contributions may be required towards the repair / replacement costs of protective covers, sails, running rig and outboard motors depending upon age at the time of loss or damage.

Section B

Legal liabilities for loss or damage to third party vessels and property or injury caused by or arising from an accident on board or by the insured vessel


The following extensions can also be considered on request but subject to additional premium and at terms & conditions agreed.

  • War and Strikes Risks
  • Machinery Damage
  • Racing Risks
  • Inland Transit Risks


  • Loss or damage to sails, masts, spars or stranding and running rigging while the insured vessel is racing, unless extended to include the racing risks
  • Motors, electrical machinery, batteries and their connections, unless caused by the vessel being stranded, sunk, burnt, on fire or in collision or contact with an external substance (including ice) other than water.
  • Personal effects, consumable stores, fishing gear or moorings.
  • Wear and tear, depreciation and deterioration from use.

Exclusions under Liabilities to Third Parties:

Accidents to or illness of workmen or anyone employed in any capacity by Insured in connection with the insured vessel or her cargo, material or repairs.

Any person engaged directly or indirectly in any sport while being towed by the craft.