A'Salamah Plus

A'Salamah Plus is designed to provide you comprehensive insurance as under:

  • Third Party Liability – Covers loss of life/ injury/ damage to the property of the third person, which is a compulsory requirement.
  • Own Damage – In addition to the above, the loss or damage to the vehicle insured, by specified perils, is also covered subject to the value declared and other terms and conditions of the policy.

The following are the benefits available under A’Salamah Plus:

  • First Aid Expenses – up to RO 400/-
  • Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion
  • Loss of Car Keys
  • Garage and Valet parking
  • Depreciation waiver for Total Loss & Partial Loss
  • Excess waiver – Windscreen only and Total Loss
  • Panel Garages
  • Repairs with Authorized Limits
  • Accident and Breakdown Recovery

Optional Benefits:

  • Personal Accident Addendum
  • Hire Car benefit
  • UAE Cover
  • GCC Cover


Table of benefits available under the policies offered by Vision Insurance are as below:

S. No Coverage TP Only A'Salamah
Basic Plus Super
1 Insurance Against Loss & Damage of Insured Vehicle X
2 Compulsory Insurance — Liability to Third Party
3 First Aid Expenses (RO 400)
4 Riot, Strikes, Civil Commotion X X
5 Loss of Car Keys X X
6 Garage and Valet Parking X X
7 Depreciation Waiver for Total Loss X X
8 Depreciation Waiver for Partial Loss X X
9 Excess Waiver — Windscreen only and Total Loss X X
10 Personal Accident Addendum X
11 Panel Garages X
12 Repairs with Authorised Dealers X X
13 Accident and Breakdown Recovery X
14 Hire Car Benefit X
15 UAE Cover
16 GCC Cover
Not Covered

Personal Accident

This provides optional insurance for the Insured and anyone in his position, and their family members against bodily injury and death.

First Aid Expenses

The Insurer shall bear the cost of first aid expenses for any bodily injury sustained by any person, including the insured and anyone in his position and their family members/passengers directly and immediately arising from an accidental to the aforesaid vehicle.

Orange Card

The Company undertakes to indemnify the insured against “legal liability towards third party property damages and bodily injury” in respect of vehicles plying between Arab countries who are member signatories to the Orange Card Agreement.

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