Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kinds of Motor policies are available?

The basic insurance covers offered are as under:

  • Liability only Policy – Covers loss of life/ injury/ damage to the property of the third person, which is a compulsory requirement.
  • Comprehensive Policy – In addition to the above, the loss or damage to the vehicle insured, by specified perils, is also covered subject to the value declared and other terms and conditions of the policy.

Where can I get my vehicle insured?

Insurance can be done at any of our offices. Please visit our website finding an office convenient to you. On the website click ‘Locations’ and you will get the list of offices with their contact details.

At what value do I insure my vehicle?

  • New vehicles to be insured at Cash Price
  • Used vehicles to be insured at Market Value

What will be the premium for my vehicle?

Premium depends upon various factors viz. type, make, model, cubic capacity, usage, past claims history etc. of the vehicle. Therefore, approach any of our office with vehicle details for getting the exact premium.

When should I renew the insurance of my vehicle and why?

It is strongly recommended to renew your insurance before expiry of the existing insurance. This keeps your vehicle insured against the risk without any break and takes care of any loss within the ambit of the policy you have.

What if my previous policy has already expired?

If, however, the policy has already expired, a fresh insurance can be obtained. Since a break in insurance has occurred, the vehicle will be physically inspected by a company official or surveyor before accepting the insurance.

Can I transfer my insurance to the purchase of my vehicle?

Yes, the insurance can be transferred to the buyer of the vehicle. A fresh proposal form needs to be filled in. There is a nominal fee charged for transfer of insurance.

Is it OK if the insurance continues in the name of the previous owner whereas the vehicle is transferred in records of Royal Oman Police (ROP) in my name?

Never commit this mistake. Registration and insurance of the vehicle should always in the same name and address. Otherwise the claim is not payable. Moreover, ROP will not accept to transfer without insurance transfer.

I have lost my copy of the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate one?

Yes, you can get a duplicate one from the same office which has issued the policy, with a written request and a nominal fee will be charged for issuing a duplicate policy copy.

What should I do in case of an accident / theft of the vehicle?

In the event of an accident, please inform ROP and simultaneously inform the policy issuing office for registering the claim. ROP will issue a Report which needs to be submitted along with the other documents like policy copy, Mulkiya copy (Registration Card), Driving Licence copy etc. Based on these, surveyor will be deputed by the Company to assess the loss and authorise repairs to the respective garage/dealer. After this, LPO (Local Purchase Order) will be released to the respective garage/dealer.

Whom should I contact if my vehicle suffers a loss in a city other than the policy issuing city?

If the vehicle meets with an accident in the city of policy issuing office, the claim has to be intimated invariably to the same office. If it takes place in a different city, then approach the nearest Vision Insurance Branch Office for guiding you to proceed further.

What are the documents and formalities required for processing the claim by the Company?

The documents and formalities required for processing and settlement of the claim will depend upon the type of vehicle and nature of loss. Please contact the office concerned for guidance.

What Vision Insurance offers you?

  • Professional advice and service with personal touch
  • Wide range of products
  • Commitment of timely claim settlement service
  • Network across Oman, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Customer delight is our focus and building customer relationship is our priority. We are always at the door step of any prospect who is interested in our products or services. Please telephone us or ask for a call back for any inquiry.

Quotation will be offered on submission of a duly completed Proposal Form to the Company.

This is only summary information. Please email us at or visit any of our offices for further details