Whistleblowing Policy


Vision Insurance is committed to the highest possible standards in terms of governance practices, honest, transparency, Integrity, accountability, professionalism and duty of care in delivering one’s responsibilities as prescribed per Vision code of conduct


This Policy aims to encourage every individual working for or dealing with the Company to report any wrongdoing or unethical Practices at any level of the organizational structure with complete protection, comfort, confidence and In addition, it aims to define and establish the position of the Company on the framework for reporting Unethical Practices and establish suitable steps to investigate and take necessary corrective actions.


a. “Unethical Practice” means any behavior or practice of the Company, its employees, contractors, suppliers or their individual employees in relation to their business dealings with the Company which is believed to be inconsistent with the Company’s General Business Principles, and includes, but is not limited to, the following suspected activities / improper practices:

  • Fraud financial reporting;
  • Manipulation of Company data / records, insurance policies…etc.
  • Abuse the authority at any defined level in the Company;
  • Disclosure of confidential or classified information to unauthorized personnel;
  • Knowingly violating applicable laws and regulations, thereby exposing the Company to penalties, fines or any legal action;
  • Any instances of misappropriation or abuse of Company property/assets;
  • Actively violating any laid down Company policy, including the Code of Conduct;
  • Criminal activity;
  • Harassment of any nature to employees or any other third party.
  • Using confidential information acquired in the course of one’s work for personal advantage;
  • Any other activities whether unethical or improper in nature and damaging the interests of the Company or causing loss of revenue or adverse financial implications to the Company;
  • Attempts to conceal any of the above.


This policy ensures the confidentiality and protection for the Whistleblower through establishing the following channels for reporting:

Email: whistleBlow@insurevic.com

Tel: +968 24853908

Head of Compliance-Vision Insurance SAOG

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